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A Stroll Through Some Exhibits

Jocelyne Chauveau was born in Saint-Armand-Montrond, in the Cher region (France) in 1948.

Ever since her childhood marked by a passion for the arts and for drawing, she first opted to study Classics (Latin, Greek) at university, before turning to Art History and Archaeology  (1-year Masters degree in Contemporary Art History at the University of Paris – I).

In the 1990s, she took up drawing again, first at the Saint-Armand-Montrond Art School, under Yves Coffin, in drawing and watercolours, and then in Paris, at the Port-Royal Academy, at the Paris-Ateliers (ADAC), at the Grande-Chaumière Academy, in Sophie Janet’s workshops (composition and still life work) and those of Frédéric Mathieu (nude figure drawing, perspective, non-academic drawing techniques and sketches), and at the Beaux-Arts Ateliers sponsored by the Montparnasse site of the Paris City Hall (workshop by André Maigret and Lise Sainte-Claire-Deville) and the Sévigné site (workshop by Gérard Venturelli). In the context of these workshops, acquaintances with watercolourists Jean-Louis Morelle and Ewa Karpinska were particularly formative, as were workshops with the Chinese painter Cao Bei-an and the Belgo-Canadian master Roland Palmaerts.

Member of the French Artists Society from 2003 to 2009, of the Water Paints and Drawing Exhibition since 2004, member of Taylor Foundation since 2006, of the Municipal Club of Gobelins and Fine Arts since 2008 (bronze medal of the Town of Paris), she is still present in many regional exhibitions and adds up medals and prizes.

After having been a good and accurate figurative artist, she now seems to be attracted less by a complete abstract way than by an interiorized, transfigured vision, where nature is always very present in her whole painting research, but where she confides the secrets her eyes and her heart recognized in it.